Lorraine Carey

Lorraine Carey
This is my secret place I go to write for inspiration- Pedro St. James Castle, Grand Cayman

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Like Beacons in the Night

We can find each other like a beacon in the night.

We can feel the urge to connect at that moment we feel another is in need.

And when we feel, we feel deeply.

We are Empaths ~

Empaths seem to have a homing device that somehow connects with signals put out from other empaths in relation to a very distinct emotion one is feeling. It’s as though we are picking up a certain frequency from the other person. The stronger the feeling or emotion, the more accessible it is for another to pick up a feeling from the other end.

 For myself, I have witnessed this several times and others have stated also. I will contact a friend; only to find out they were in need of someone to talk to or having a very real emergency. Often an empath will feel down and melancholy when another is in need. Yes, it does affect us physically. One of the key symptoms appears to be getting migraines or intestinal issues. These seem to be the most reported ailments from other empaths.

It is really important to ground ourselves prior to engaging with social media these days. We find so much negativity lately out there. It can be quite overwhelming and traumatic.

For the past year I have been spent at least seven hours a day or more on social media platforms trying to promote my books. I guess I didn’t see it coming, but it took its toll later on down the road. I had gotten so caught up in getting on the computer and getting things done, ignoring my meditation and grounding techniques. It wasn’t long before all of the negativity and trolls lurking in the wings started to catch up with me. The migraines and stomach issues returned.

It was as though every other empathic friend of mine began checking in on me, even one who was out on a Caribbean cruise.  Yep, my emotions were so strong and my frequency was out there broadcasting into the universe. I was like a giant radio tower zapping waves through the skies like lightning rods.

I found the emotions from others were now overriding my own. Yes, trips to the doctor ensued and I found myself back on the migraine meds, ones that had its side effects. We were old friends, as I had been down this road before. I had one advantage this time, and that was the fact that I had met so many wonderful people who were adept in this field from social media who came to my rescue.

Getting back on track with proper meditation, pulling back from social media, exercise and healthy eating is getting me in the direction of where I need to be.

So, to all my friends, whether empathic or not, you all have other gifts to give and I am feeling blessed as I write this post.

Enjoy the Journey~