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Lorraine Carey
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Author Krysten Lindsay Hager Delivers Another Teen Dream!

There’s a lot to love about Author Krysten Lindsay Hager’s new book, Next Door to a Star~

I am a huge fan of Hager and her ability to relate to teens in her writing. It’s as if she is a teen herself.
Yes, she has had two successful books already out that have swept the teen market. True Colors and Best Friends Forever gained her some hefty fans.

Her new book continues to deliver an entertaining tale for teens to young adults.

And for the review~
Next Door to a Star is my third book by Krysten Lindsay Hager. I know this author’s previous novels were a sure-fire hit with the teen market and even adults. It seems Hager can relate to teens within her novels as if she is still herself reliving her teen years. Hadly Daniels is an ordinary teen who gets a chance to live next to a famous person. She dreams of being popular like most girls do. Hadley’s normal life changes as she tries to fit in with this new star and goes through some rocky times with her friends. The fast lane is not what it’s all cracked up to be as Hadley finds out with disappointment s along the way. With teen crushes, girlfriend woes and teen angst I believe this one will be another hit for Hager.  She can make the characters so real and the mishaps they have so believable. She always adds in the family touch too. Here we have the grandparents who tried so hard to make Hadly happy. I think there is great message in here for young girls and I won’t state that as to spoil the ending.