Lorraine Carey

Lorraine Carey
This is my secret place I go to write for inspiration- Pedro St. James Castle, Grand Cayman

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kiera's Quest

Just finished Kiera's Quest for Young Readers and here is the review-Kiera’s Quest should be at the top of every teen girl’s read list! It serves up action, fantasy, and a hint of paranormal romance. Here a young teen is faced with a destiny of helping a cursed Prince save his mythical country from an evil queen who has many dark secrets up her sleeve. Kiera’s character is challenged when her friends and teachers believe she has gone Mad. She becomes a stronghold here as she is in charge and the fate of this Prince is in her hands. 
Kristy Brown is a master at mingling real life issues with fantasy-ones that teens can identify with. I was entertained with the bits of humor entangled in this which brought out some bright moments.  As a children’s reading specialist from many years I can tell you this is the kind of story young teens crave. Kiera’s Quest will be the new addition for my collection.

Kiera's Quest, by Kristy Brown, 
Muse It Up Publishing

Monday, March 19, 2012

So Where is Your Secret Spot?

Okay, fellow writers we all know that writers frequent different locations to gain inspiration and get in the 'Mood'. Well one thing I have learned is that it helps to seek out places that fit into the genre and subject matter you are writing about. And some famous authors have sought out some pretty bizarre locations.
Since my genre is Paranormal Thriller I was in luck to have a great place on island here that was truly haunted! Pedro St. James Castle  on Grand Cayman  is the plantation where their birth of Democracy came about. It is rich in tales of slaves,romance and ghosts! On one of my visits there I could feel the presence of little Mary Jane, the daughter of the family that lived there during the 1800s. She was struck by lightning on the steps of the house. I knew at that moment that I would be spending lots of time here getting inspired! Visit the link below for more information.The grounds have the most beautiful view also!
Here I am on the steps where the ghost of the little girl can be seen by some. So, writers, drop me a line and let me know what your favorite or secret spot is!
Happy Hunting!