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Lorraine Carey
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Friday, October 16, 2015

Author Amy Sprague Takes a Stand ~

Amy Sprague is surely one of those authors to keep an eye on. What inspires me most about this young author is that her books offer help to children in dealing with various issues that they can relate to. Amy has a latest release on bullying and I hope you will give it a look. I commend her in her efforts to help so many who have been affected as a result of bullying.

Amy Sprague details the lasting emotional torment, which is often the result of bullying. It seems as time goes on that bullying in schools is becoming even worse of a problem.
Bullying—From Victim to Survivor allows the reader to
see the dangerous effects of bullying from a victim’s point
of view. Amy offers insight and advice to anyone who may
be dealing with bullying, and the risks of not speaking out.

A Bit About Amy~

Amy Sprague was born in Berlin, Vermont, grew up in Williamstown, Vermont, and now resides in Northern Maine with her children. Amy's first self-published children's book 'Alex and the Panda' won the 2012 International Book Awards Competition for 'Best New Children's Picture Book'. In 2013 her second self-published children's book 'Emily's Magical Bike' won an Award in the New England Book Awards Competition in the 'Children's Book' category. Amy's books all receive recognition from 'The Write Agenda' for the 'Bestseller Author Watch' list as well. Amy is a Goodreads Author, has a Twitter account and an Author Page on Facebook.

 Bullying: From Victim to Survivor