Lorraine Carey

Lorraine Carey
This is my secret place I go to write for inspiration- Pedro St. James Castle, Grand Cayman

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Glimpse into the Moment

As I was sitting at the traffic stop today I saw an elderly woman , (one who I have seen before ) walking slowly along the sidewalk. She  was wearing a tattered housecoat, black slippers (which were way too large for her feet),and her greying hair haphazardly gathered up in a bun. Her tanned skin could not hide the wrinkles she had earned.

She was holding a small twig and dragging it along a fence. She seemed to stop at a large Oleander bush and smell the flowers. She then picked off a small bunch and ran them across her cheek.

By this time the light had already turned green and I had a few honks behind me. I was somehow mesmerized with this woman and her not so unusual antics.

I decided to turn around and park my car in lot at the market which was just across the street and get out and follow her; not that I wanted her to know that I was intentionally watching her. She didn’t notice me at all or if she did she didn't  care.

She shuffled at a quite slower pace and continued walking, still holding onto the Oleander blossoms and the twig. She seemed to be as though she was walking on air, big smile on her face, at peace, and not a care in the world.

I found myself caught up in ‘ the moment’ -  her ‘moment’.
She was living in her ‘now’ and I was thankful that I had decided to take the time to be in that moment with her.

  •  After today , I have decided to take the time and take notice to the little things in life.