Lorraine Carey

Lorraine Carey
This is my secret place I go to write for inspiration- Pedro St. James Castle, Grand Cayman

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Your Life is the Castle

Enter through the main door,
The moat will surround you offering protection while you are there.
You may stay in the entry room for some time before you can begin to explore. 
As you ascend the stairs you stop at the first level.
Pictures line the hallways of people who have come into your life
and all the accomplishments are well framed for you to admire.
A long hallway leads to many rooms, ones you will decide to explore, 
some for a short time, some longer.
You continue to explore and venture up onto the next level as more rooms are available and you become more selective. 
You make your choices to enter and leave as you wish however, always knowing the dungeon lies below and is not a choice but a confinement for lessons not quite learned yet.
The bell towers are ringing and you know there is a tower.
Climbing higher and higher until you reach the top only to find the view beautiful, but not a place you can stay forever.
So you descend down a little at a time, as you make you way back.