Lorraine Carey

Lorraine Carey
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Meet Mystery Author Dawn Kopman Whidden!

Thank you Lorraine Carey for the invite to this BOOK BLOG TOUR.

My name is DAWN KOPMAN WHIDDEN and I am a late bloomer! I started writing professionally at the age of 58 and published my first book A CHILD IS TORN: INNOCENCE LOST one year later.

I have written three novels to date, each one a stand-alone novel but with a cast of characters that find themselves involved with each other trying to solve a murder mystery as well as life’s challenges.

My first book: A CHILD IS TORN is told through the eyes of a child psychiatrist. Dr. Hope Rubin is a 30 something divorcee who is romantically challenged and skeptical about men, especially good looking ones.

My second book: FACELESS: A MYSTERY: is told through the point of view of Detective Jean Whitley, a married woman coming into her 40’s and trying to make her way in a predominately male profession while simultaneously trying to raise a teenage daughter in today’s chaotic world and keep her family intact.
My third novel STOLEN is at the editor’s now. This book is seen through the point of view of Detective Marty Keal….New to Detective status he is struggling to get his professional and private life on track.

Each of my novels are told in the first person, but is also told through the third person.  What I found is that in order to tell a story, you need to be a fly on the wall. If telling a story from one’s point of view, they cannot tell you what is happening when they are not around, hence forth the fly on the wall theory. I have struggled with this while writing and have even tried to stop it, but it seems to take a life of it’s own. My books I think are more like watching a TV show or movie, where the reader is the audience.

Each story has taken a life of it’s own. I never know the end until the end… much like the reader.

Thanks again for the invite.