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Lorraine Carey
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Meet the the Author Behind the Novel that has the Ladies Talking!

Today I’m talking to Author Ron Hanlon about his Sizzling Action Romance, Hearts Can Change in Time.
I read Hearts a year ago and I can tell you I am still talking about this book till this day!

Ron turns up the heat in this high impact novel where millionaire playboy Alex Cord lives on the edge with wild women at his beck and call, money, unlimited vacations, mansions, and a young man at the top of his game. But at what cost?
So Let’s ask the man behind this Sizzler~
Tell us Ron, what was your inspiration to become a writer?
Graduating from high school in 1962, I was shy and introverted. The next six years working my way through college and others actions of that period were starting my inspiration to write. Events like President Kennedy’s assassination ending the Camelot Years, love, peace, drugs, LSD, pot, and The Vietnam Conflict all fed to my motivation. I had a story to tell. I was over a thousand miles away from home and family for the first time. In a sleepy little town in Florida, on Charlotte Harbor, I started my teaching career. Now I found the time to write, so I started a book titled, Her Babies Never  Cry. At 26 the US draft board that I had  avoided called with another idea. I served with pride and honors once drafted. Army training and the year in Vietnam only added to the growing list of events that drove my inspiration level to write through the roof. I’d write a few pages at a time longhand, as we had no computers nor typewriters out in the fields. As I’d finish a few chapters, I’d send them home to my lovely sweetheart, (my wife) who would rough edit them and make a carbon copy, sending it back to me. When I returned to my wife, we had fifteen chapters completed of Babies  finished. My wife and I were working in our teaching positions and clearing property for our waterfront home. Left with little time to write, I shelved the book. Occasionally,I would start writing again. Unhappy with the manuscript I would start over.  I also was running  a lawn and tree service company for thirty years.That starting and stopping process went on until the day I retired. That day my wife said, “Now you are retired.Finish your book.” Using the first chapters of Babies and rewriting others, Hearts Can Change evolved.

How Much of Your Story is True?

Many question if Hearts is a true story. The story is a fictional account of many true-life incidents that I have witnessed. For entertainment value I wrote the story line as fanciful as possible, relying on personal experiences and much research to keep the content factual.

Did  You Decide From the Start  That Alex Cord Would be an Expert Seducer of Women?

Short answer is yes. After researching over the years, I found that adult romance, especially erotica was the most difficult due to the thin line between being smutty or romantic. I was told various times by many folks that I could not write a book. I decided to take the challenge and write an erotic romance.
Hearts Can Change in Time serves up countless lovemaking scenes. Many of them are described in detail but all expressed with a burning need, tender emotion, raw passion and a true act of love  between two people.
One Best-Selling Author’s Five Star Review Sums it Up:

“Many authors have tried to write the ultimate adult romance novel and many didn’t succeed.
You need as a writer to be in the possession of much talent and passion to make it work.
Ron Hanlon was near to genius when he combined his talent and passion by creating Hearts Can Change in Time The paperback counts 544 pages, and it is a great story!

Who is Your Favorite Character in the Book and Why?

Rather than one character, I found myself cheering for all of them throughout the story. I’ve often wondered if other authors have these same feelings? Many times I felt as though I were watching the story unfold as a movie. I was two individuals; one writing and the other one watching.  I would often hope the characters in a particular scene would interact  from the way in which I was writing. I could have written the scene the way I had hoped for it to turn out but it often didn’t. As I clicked on the key to send the final manuscript to the publisher, I had that sinking feeling of losing lifelong friends. That feeling lingered into the weeks to come. It only dissipated after a friend and I  unloaded the first order of printed books. It was as if  old friends were coming home.

If Your Book Were Turned Into a Movie, Who Would Play Alex Cord?

That would be the charming Michael Lieber of course! 

Is There a Sequel in Your Future?

Yes, from the surprise ending of Hearts Can Change in Time,
The Alex Cord Adventure continues with Promises. The story begins in 1975 at the Paris Air Show, then continues into the early 1980s with the crash of the world’s silver market. Alex Cord, having become a billionaire, by selling his oil company, Willis Oil in Hearts turns to silver in Promises. Owning and managing silver mines, he has a large investment in the precious metal. Not to give away Hearts, let’s leave it there. It will be up to the reader to see if he survives the silver market crash and keeps the promises he made in the last chapters of Hearts.

Depending on my wife’s health, Promises, should be available , Fall 2015

This Magic Moment~ Theme Song for The Novel~